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Poker Discussion Sites:
  • Alprazolam 1mg uk
    I'm a moderator at this site and I think it is far and away the best poker discussion forum on the internet.  We're friendly and smart and you'll feel at home there right away.
  • 2+2 Forums
    Not as friendly as ITH or as welcoming to newer players, 2+2 is nevertheless the biggest discussion community on the web.  Some amazingly smart people post there and if you can sift through the noise, there is some of the very best information here
  • If you like your poker discussion even more rough and tumble than 2+2, you can always try Full Contact Poker or Phentermine 37.5 buy cheap online.  Don't say I didn't warn ya.
Traditional Poker Blogs:
  • Guiness and Poker
    You can't have a poker blog without referring to the Blogfather.  Iggy is the man.  I'm a rank amatuer, but I'm going to do what I can to destroy workplace productivity.  Iggy also keeps one of the most up to date lists of all the blogs out there.
  • Table Tango
    If Iggy is the Blogfather, Linda Green is the first lady of poker blogging.  A Bellagio dealer with amazing real life stories of life on the felt and a real knack for writing, Linda is a must-read.  She's about to head off on a cross country adventure, so I expect it will better than ever.
  • Tao of Poker
    Dr. Pauly (I'm scared to ask what he could be a doctor of) is quite a blogging powerhouse in his own right.  I've got a soft spot for him as a fellow Phish fan, but he has made quite a sensation blogging many of the biggest poker events live and in person.  He's another gifted writer.
  • Gambling Blues
    BG was one of the first poker bloggers I ever found and writes with a voice that I can relate to.  He often covers a lot of non-poker stuff, but I find him an interesting guy.  He's an appealing blend of charm and insecurity and always a good read.
  • The Cards Speak
    It is a real shame that Hdouble doesn't write much, because most everything he turns out is gold.  Dig through his archives, you'll be glad you did.
  • Mean Gene
    It is impossible not to like Gene just for his tag line "Pittsburgh's most decorated poker blogger, which I admit is like being the best shortstop in Greenland."  Despite his moniker, Gene comes across as an extremely nice guy.
  • Al Can't Hang
    He may not be able to hang, but if his blog is to believed, he can drink like a world-record holder.  His blog often has the kind of funny story about adventures drinking and poker playing that will either remind you of your misspent youth or make you regret that you didn't misspend enough of it.

There are many, many other worthy reads and surely some of them will strike your fancy in a way that some of these did mine.  I'll also admit that I started reading these when there weren't so damn many and I never gave a lot of the newer ones a chance.  Check out the list on Iggy's site and you will probably have weeks worth of reading to do.

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