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My Poker Playing Story

I'm Nsidestrate or just Nside to my friends.  I consider myself a pretty serious poker player.  I primarily play full-ring limit poker at limits up to 30/60.  I still feel a bit excited when I play 30/60, but 15/30 seems like everyday stuff.  I think I'm actually a pretty decent NL tourney player and I'm pretty comfortable with short-handed play too.  I'm still a neophyte at heads-up play and I really don't know what I'm doing at NL ring games.

I started playing on-line at PokerRoom, playing 1/2 with a $500 bankroll.  My lovely bride, Can you buy valium over the counter in australia, seemed certain that this was going to lead to some kind of disaster or another.  Of course, she thinks everything is going to lead to some sort of disaster or another.  I don't think she was that worried that I would get beat, but she was convinced that they would never give us any more back if we won.  We were quite paranoid and we gave them an obscure credit union account so that they couldn't get to any real money.

I learned the value of bonus right away.  I deposited the $500 into PokerRoom for a $100 bonus.  I eventually won $80 on that bonus chase, but I was up $180 when you counted the bonus.  In those days, I mostly just followed Matthew Hilger's starting hand chart and played a pretty tight post-flop game.  It was quickly obvious that most of my fellow players didn't read the same books I did.

I've gotten a lot smarter since then and I cringe when I watch some of the silly things I used to do in my old hand history files.  I'm not really comfortable yet with talking about specific figures, but I've won a lot more money than I thought was possible.  I'm not sure what is next for me.  I may concentrate on playing some of the bigger tourneys to try to test myself in that field or I may push on up to 50/100 at Party.  I've watched the game a fair amount and it doesn't look that tough to me.

My Personal Story

I'm 42 years old, with a lovely wife who supports me in all my crazy ventures.  We don't have any kids, so we mostly spoil our poker-playing cat and my various nephews.  I'm a geek by trade.  My original love was database design, but I've done a whole lot of software development and I'm currently a fairly senior executive of a large computer consulting firm.

I may be the most private guy ever to have a blog, so that's about it.

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